Getting Your Apartment Home Ready for Fall

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Our hearts say it’s fall but this weather is reminding us that we still have 2 weeks of summer left. If you’re ready to active fall mode, keep reading for some tips and tricks to get your Velo apartment home ready for the new season. 


Greet guests with feelings of fall as soon as they walk up to your apartment home. Add a decorative door mat outside your front door, not only does it look cute but it also allows guests to wipe off their dirty fall boots before entering your apartment. Another great outdoor decoration is pumpkins. Friendly reminder, carved pumpkins only last 3-5 days so hold off on carving them until a few days before Halloween. 


It’s time to switch out your margarita and Aperol spritz ingredients out for hot toddies and whisky on your bar cart. Adding mini pumpkins and faux fall foliage are also great ways to get your bar cart ready for fall.  


Boil a simmer pot on your stove to infuse your apartment home with the scents of fall. A simmer pot is a safer alternative to lighting candles and is more simple to put together than you may think. Begin by bringing a small saucepan to a boil. From there, add in all of your favorite fall scents like apples, oranges, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and nutmeg. Refill the pan as necessary, typically about every 30 minutes. 


Our favorite fall activity is cozying up on our couch to binge-watch Netflix. Make your couch cozy by adding decorative throws and pillows. When you not using them, hang your blanks on a blanket ladder for a fun, practical decoration. 


We hope these ideas sparked some creativity as you begin decorating your apartment home for fall. Do you have any fall decorating tips and tricks? Share them with your neighbors in the comments section!

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