Celebrating Colorado Day All Month Long

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We recently celebrated Colorado Day on August 1st but we think that the great state of Colorado deserves more than just one day of celebration. Below are a few ways you can celebrate the Centennial state all month long!


Educate Yourself on the History of Colorado

With so many people flocking to Denver from all across the United States, many people don’t know the rich and varied history of the state they now call home. There are a ton of historical sites to visit that can give you a good historical perspective such as the Buffalo Bill’s grave site where you will learn about the men who helped settle this state and Old Colorado City in Colorado Springs, the first-ever capital of the state. 


Get Outside! 

This one might seem obvious but no matter how much exploring you do, there’s still so much more to see and experience in Colorado. There are countless ways to enjoy nature whether that be a relaxing hike, an afternoon spent in the water fly fishing, or, for the adrenaline junkies, rock climbing! 


Take a Trip to the Unique Places Only Found in Colorado

The Four Corners is the only place in the entire world where 4 states meet at a specific point, meaning you can be standing in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico all at the same time. Although Colorado is known for its mountainous terrain, it also is home to the Great Sand Dunes National Park where you can find some of the largest sand dunes located in North America.


Another way to celebrate is by supporting small Colorado-based businesses. Not only does this stimulate our economy but it also supports our neighbors. Old Town Fort Collins is home to some of the best small businesses Colorado has to offer.


The list of ways you can celebrate Colorado goes on and on. Although August 1st is dedicated to celebrating Colorado but if you ask us, we think it should be celebrated every day!

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