The Best Climbing Gyms in Denver, Colorado

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Whether you’re interested in getting into climbing fitness or have years of experience lead climbing outdoors, you need to up your skills with the help of a climbing gym. Denver has plenty to choose from, which is good news for both long-time climbing enthusiasts and first time visitors to climbing gyms in Colorado.  

When you’re looking for the best rock climbing gym in Denver, here are our picks for the best spots in the city to spend a little time on the rocks while having an unforgettable climbing experience. 

Denver Bouldering Club 

You’ll find over 35,000 square feet of indoor climbing terrain available through Denver Bouldering Club, making it one of the biggest bouldering gyms in the city. (Notice: we said one of the biggest. We’ll get to Movement Englewood—the largest indoor climbing gym in the US—in just a second.) 

You’ll find routes set with care (and reset weekly), for bouldering that hits all the right notes for novices and expert climbers alike. That’s why they’re often called the best rock climbing gym in Denver, a title they rightly deserve. 

Movement Englewood (Formerly Earth Treks Englewood)

When what was then-known as Earth Treks Englewood came onto the scene, the climbing community took a collective gasp. The newly-renamed Movement Englewood impressively boasts over 53,000 square feet of climbing-centric space (yep, you read that right!), making it the largest indoor climbing gym in the US. 

With wall heights that reach 60ft, over 270 bouldering routes, and 170 lead climbing and top rope routes set on the wall at any one time, you’ll never find yourself bored in this expansive space (no matter how much climbing experience you have). Which is to say, whether you’re new to the climbing community or casually projecting an outdoor V10 or above, you’ll feel right at home here. 

Rock’n and Jam’n

You can probably tell from the name—Rock’n & Jam’n isn’t your typical climbing spot. This climbing gym in Denver focuses on routes and climbing classes that are accessible for kids, with a focus on helping families explore climbing together. Though this is one of the most kid-friendly bouldering gyms in Colorado, experienced climbers shouldn’t write it off. 

As one of the earliest and most pioneering climbing gyms in Colorado, it knows how to craft a climbing experience that appeals to all ages and skill levels, with lead climbing, top rope routes, and boulders that offer the best that indoor climbing has to offer. 

Mountain Strong

Climbing fitness is the focus here. At Mountain Strong you’ll find climbing classes that will help you up your game and get you to the ever-elusive next grade. It’s a climbing gym that is a little left of center, but one that offers the climbing community a resource to level-up their skillset. 

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