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Are you a sushi lover? We are! When you live at Velo, you are surrounded by plenty of sushi spots that you will love, and once you find your favorite you will probably visit it once a week. Since there are so many different sushi spots near our community, we’ve narrowed it down to the top-rated sushi places within 15 minutes or less of Jacobson Velo.

Eeny Meeny Sushi Roll

Eeny Meeny Sushi Roll is an all-you-can-eat sushi joint and each dish is made to order. When you visit be sure to try the Cowgirl Roll, Tropical Scorpion Bowl, and try a little bit of everything with the all-you-can-eat service.

Fontana Sushi 

Fontana Sushi is another community favorite and they happen to have a couple of locations around the Denver area. You will find quality sushi at an affordable price and a variety of selections! Be sure to try their shrimp tempura when you visit.

Iwayama Sushi 

Some may say that Iwayama is the best sushi in the rocky mountains, with a touch of aloha. When you visit Iwayama, not only will you find a delicious variety of sushi, but you will also find Hawaiian-style plates and dishes! There is something for everyone.

JP Nori Sushi & Asian Cuisine

JP Nori opened in 2015 and they specialize in sushi and Asian cuisine. Not only will you find delicious sushi, but you will also find Chinese, Thai, and Japanese dishes.

Orion Sushi 

Orion Sushi is a family-run business in the Lakewood neighborhood. You can always count on fresh sushi and a variety to choose from. A couple of recommended rolls are the Magic City Roll, Orion Roll, and Scallop Roll!

Cherry Hills Sushi Co.  

Cherry Hills Sushi Co. is not only a great sushi restaurant but also a great experience! They serve the highest quality of fish at their Tamaki and sashimi bar, as well as Japanese craft beer and whisky.      

Once you’ve gotten around to trying out the best sushi spots near our community, let us know which one is your favorite and your go-to order when visiting! We can always use some sushi order inspiration. 

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