Where to Find the Best Coffee in Lakewood & West Denver

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Whether you are looking for an everyday coffee shop, or somewhere new to try, Lakewood and West Denver have it all! Coffee shops are the perfect place to pick up something quickly on your way to work or sit and catch up with someone. When you live at Velo, you can find coffee shops close to home right in Lakewood and a little bit further out in West Denver for when you are out and about.


Coffee Shops in Lakewood


Right here in Lakewood, you have access to some great coffee shops that you are sure to frequent often. Having great coffee shops minutes from your front door is great for grabbing a coffee on your way to work or getting a midday pick-me-up. Make sure to try out Front Porch Coffee Shop, Hello Coffee, Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters, Little Owl Coffee, Brew Culture Coffee, and Village Roaster when you are looking for a new go-to coffee shop or somewhere to meet up with a friend.


West Denver Coffee Shops


Depending on which direction you are headed in, you might be looking for a coffee shop in West Denver! The good news is that Velo is surrounded by amazing coffee shops no matter where you are headed. Next time you are in West Denver, check out Middle State Coffee, Corvus Coffee Roasters, The Bardo Coffee House, Generous Coffee Shop, The Molecule Effect – Santa Fe Art District, Queen City Collective Coffee, and Wonder Press. It’s always a fun experience to try out new coffee shops because you never know what you will find!


Finding a coffee shop that you can always count on or trying a new coffee shop every month is great because it gives you the best of both worlds. Each coffee shop has its own spin on how they create unique coffee, making it fun to try new things, but also fun to find your absolute favorite. Let us know what your favorite coffee shop is in the comments below!


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