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If you are someone who starts every New Year off with a health and fitness resolution or goals, you’ve probably realized that it can be simple to state a resolution or goal, but much harder to follow through with it. Setting yourself up for success when you first create these resolutions and goals is vital to making sure you stick to it, here is an article on how to create a New Year’s resolution and stick to it! It’s also important to be surrounded by resources that will allow you to be successful, so we’ve conjured up some places in West Denver that may be a help to you in your 2021 health and fitness journey. 

Everyone enjoys staying fit and healthy in different ways and it’s important that you find your perfect match! You need to find a method that motivates you and makes you keep coming back for more. Luckily, West Denver has plenty of options for various classes, both online and in person. 


Fitness boot camps, like Burn Boot Camp, are a great option and contain a lot of variation; you will typically experience a mix of aerobic, strength training and speed elements in an interval type training. Have you ever tried an Orangetheory class before? Orangetheory Fitness Littleton could be the perfect place for you to call home in your health and fitness journey. At Orangetheory you will take on total-body group workouts with a coach to instruct you through each class. Each class will contain rowing, cardio, and strength training, all of which can be done at your own pace and skill level. For a quieter form of fitness, you may want to try yoga at Corepower Yoga Lakewood. Yoga can help improve your strength, balance and flexibility, helps with back pain, helps manage stress, it can relax you; the benefits of yoga are endless. 


No matter what method you choose to stay active, it’s important to use massage therapy to keep your muscles in tip top shape, plus who doesn’t love a good massage? For your massage therapy needs, try out Ocean Jasper Therapeutic Massage


One of the most important aspects in your health and fitness resolution, goals, and overall journey is nutrition. You can be as active as you want, but if you aren’t properly fueling your body, you aren’t doing it any good. A great way to learn about nutrition and how to best fuel your body is through a nutritionist like A Taste of Health.


As you begin this New Year with new health and fitness resolutions and goals, remember that it is important to create resolutions and goals properly so you can stick with it. Make sure you find a health and fitness method that works for you because each person is very different. Good luck on your health and fitness journey in the New Year!

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